Ardbeg “Uigeadail”

Uigeadail 1

What’s not to love from Ardbeg? Named for Loch Uigeadail (pronounced oog-a-dal) where the distillery gets its water, the Gaelic translates as “dark and mysterious.” A lost reading must also connote “peaty.”

Distillery: Ardbeg
Region: Islay
Age: NAS
Strength: 54.2%
Price: $74.99
Location: Port Ellen
Maturation: bourbon and sherry casks
Nose: brine, peat, sweet
Palate: brine, peat, straw, artichoke, caramel
Finish: warm, lingering, smokey, brief peat

Commentssweet and salty, a true Islay.

Adam – This is pricklier than some other Ardbeg’s I’ve had, and possibly my least favorite from this distillery. That being said, it’s still possessed of that great peat with a big of sweet tang to balance it out, possibly taken from the double maturation. Best of all is the lingering finish, that deep warmth that sinks into your bones. There are worse friends to have with you on a cold winter night.

Kate – The nose is hot (it gives you a bit or a burning sensation if you breathe too deeply) with notes of bacon, brine, & smoke. The taste is both spicy and smoky. It finishes hot and leathery.