Glen Garioch 12 Year

Glen Garioch 2

Located in North East Scotland, the Glen Garioch distillery produces its whisky in small batches, tucked away in the fertile hills that bring out a lot of character. Lucky bastards.

Distillery: Glen Garioch
Region: Highland
Age: 12 year
Strength: 48%
Price: $54.27
Location: Oldmeldrum
Maturation: Bourbon and sherry casks
Nose:  Brown sugar, clover honey, dark cherry, caramel, hint of toasty oak, a little spice. 
Palate: Immediate heat, then tapers, grassy, sweetness (unwatered), heather, less heat, salted caramel (watered)    
Finish: bittersweet chocolate, floral, black pepper, green pepper

Comments: A dash of water can be fun but is not necessary.

Adam – I love the complexity of this whisky. It evinces the bright days of high summer, with a rush of heat leading into a variety of light sweetness on the nose and tongue. Adding a little water mellows that initial heat and ages the sweetness somewhat, like retreating into the dog days of August. Finish is not long or deep, but rather a broad array of flavors. Delightful.

Kate – Don’t judge this bottle by it’s cover. This is an excellent Scotch for a hot summer day. I’m not usually one who likes Scotches that have “grassy” notes but this one is surprising. It has a lot to offer from a sugary sweetness to a peppery finish. It reminds me of the sea with it’s salty, caramel sweetness. The finish is not terribly long, at least not on your palate, but this is one of those Scotches that slowly descends, lending a subtle warmth to your insides.