Why Scotchology?

Because Scotch of the Month Club was already taken. That’s how we referred to ourselves in the beginning, at least. And because Scotchology is easy to remember and distinctive. It also communicates how like many things enjoyed in life, you need to learn how to enjoy them properly. In the summer of 2013, four friends realized that what we could not do well alone, we could do better together: enjoy good whisky. We each contribute a set fee every month toward a predetermined bottle of great whisky. This blog allows us to share our passion with you, the whisky-curious. Scotchology is not just about the whisky, but about the experience. Ordering a dram at some bar is vastly different than sharing it with good friends and good food.

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We do not claim to be experts; we are only experienced. See below for a little more about us. Or just proceed straight to the whisky.

The Founder’s Circle

The Bard: Henry – Born in Russia, raised in New England, often found in close proximity to a keyboard instrument, Henry is a poet, composer, and musician with a propensity for the off-color and situationally inappropriate. Currently located in Seattle, WA.

The Nose: Kate – born in Maryland and moved to the Twin Cities for college. She currently lives in Columbus, OH with her husband and two cats. She is a musician by training but that doesn’t make any money so she has a desk job to pay the bills. Kate is Scottish by heritage (just remember, a little Celtic blood goes a long way!). Scotch is, and always has been, her favorite spirit.

The Telepath: Meghan – the rare Minnesota-born member, grew up on the Western edge of the state. She briefly ran away to Kansas, which is where she picked up her husband. Meghan uses her unique educational background of literature and culinary arts to help her discern the complex nose of a Scotch and put words to others’ thoughts.

The Doctor: Adam – born in Vermont, schooled in Pittsburgh and Kansas, currently working in the Twin Cities. Enthusiast of film scores, Medieval/Arthurian literature, and Type I Diabetes. Spends working hours practicing Trade Compliance. Fond of trying liqueurs.

Interdum Membra

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