Aberlour 12 Year Double Cask

Aberlour 12Featured at World Whisky Day 2016: Nestled in the heart of the Speyside region a few miles north of Ben Rinnes along the River Spey, Aberlour has a proud history of distilling that covers centuries and intertwines a sense of heritage with exploration. While an increasing number of distilleries are replacing their aged offerings with No Age Statements (NAS), the Aberlour range has two 12’s, a 16 and an 18. 

Distillery: Aberlour
Region: Speyside
Age: 12 years
Strength: 40%
Price: $39.98
Maturation: Traditional oak with Sherry buttes. 
Location: Aberlour
Nose: Chocolate caramel truffle, raspberry, cherry, chocolate, sour mash
Palate: Grass, hay,  grain, mint chocolate, caramel, sherry
Finish: Grass, mint chocolate

Comments: Water is recommended to add a little complexity.

Adam – I wanted to explore a Scotch from a distillery I’d never tried before, and this dram was in a good price range and had been encouraged by tasting other distillery offerings. Part of my problem with this is that it is labeled as a Highland Single Malt even though it is a Speyside. I was expecting some of the richness found in many malts from the Highland region but are very lacking here. It has a decent nose, with some light flavors that never really make it to what you could actually call a finish. A light, relatively anonymous summer malt. Some water does give it a little more heft, which is welcome. Could be good with a steak.

Jenny – Light and a little lackluster without water. Water adds a little bit of complexity and makes it more delicious. Kind of a good dessert dram with water. 

Meghan – It is a thin whisky. Despite its flavors it lacks mouthfeel. It does make a nice, light dessert dram. Hints of chocolate and caramel mixed with regional characteristics of grass and hay. The finish is delicate but I do like it. There is a this refreshing mintiness that leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean. Okay, I shouldn’t substitute Scotch for brushing my teeth but if I had to- this one leaves a nice cleanness. 

Michael – My first impression with almost every slip it’s watery and almost a blank state. It’s not until I’ve swallowed that I’ve started to pick up on these flavors, like a shadow flavors. When you add water, then you get these mild, mint, milk chocolate flavors.