How’d We Do?

World Whisky Day 2014 was a rousing success for Scotchology this past May. It was the first whisky tasting any of us had planned or hosted. It taught us what teamwork and good planning can accomplish. We’re sorry if you couldn’t make it but encourage you to not miss the day in 2015, either by joining us or celebrating in your own way. To help gauge what people thought, we sent out a short survey to cover the important points. Here’s what we found out:


As you can see in the chart above, the Ardbeg 10 rated the highest out of the six whiskeys we offered. The Knappogue 12 and Yamazaki 12 also rated highly. We were pleased to see that even though the Mackmyra and Penderyn scored the lowest out of the six, they still fell within a middle range. No one spat the stuff out, in other words. What’s nice about the survey is that you can dig a little deeper into the data, and who doesn’t love data? So here’s a breakdown of respondent answers, illustrating a greater variety in reactions than the above chart might indicate at first.


This is good information for us to know. Not that we plan on serving any of the same whiskeys at next year’s event, but it’s good information to know in any case. The next question asked people what they liked about the event. This can help us to know what to do again or make even better next time.


A big takeaway from this was that people liked the ability to share the experience with other like-minded fans of whisky. This was something we were really happy to see, since we tried to foster precisely that experience. This is, then, a distilled version of what we enjoy about Scotchology: tasting new whisky, learning things and sharing the experience with friends. It doesn’t get much better than that, folks. The last question invited people to suggest what might be done to make next year’s event even better (i.e. what didn’t you like).


This was fun to see too. While we will probably not be able to act on all the suggestions above, its good to have potential future ideas. We want to thank everyone who could attend for making World Whisky Day so much fun and can’t wait till next May to celebrate with you all, near and far. We’ve already found a delightful French single malt…