Tobermory 10 Year

This whisky comes from the only distillery on the Isle of Mull, where everything in the distilling process continues to be done by hand. Older siblings include the Tobermory 15 year and Ledaig, making a fine family. Tradition you can taste.

Distillery: Tobermory
Region: Islands
Age: 10 year
Strength: 46.3%
Price: $52.99
Maturation: Bourbon cask
Location: Isle of Mull
Nose: Brine, honey, straw grass, brackish
Palate: Smooth, light peat, brine, vanilla
Finish: Grass, toast, warm


Adam – A nice Scotch for being 10 years old. Has a lot of taste up front but tappers very quickly, leaving only a little warmth. Very accessible. I’ve found myself recommending this to people just beginning their Scotch journey.

Kate – If you add a splash of water, sudden smoke in the nose and palette. Friendly.

Meghan – Beautifully brackish with a vanilla cream wafer cookie palate: like a trip to my grandparent’s lake cabin.