Talisker Storm

Talisker StormThe Diageo conglomerate recently released three new No Age Statement whiskys via Talisker. The Storm is easily the most available of these, and offers a nice entry point to the Talisker brand. Scotch is partially an expression of local elements, and the dominant feature around the Isle of Skye is the sea. We heard a story about the casks for this whisky spending at least part of their maturation on a barge just off the coast, to better soak in the brine from the ocean. We like it, even if it is a tall tale. A more tactile influence on the taste is the use of rejuvenated casks, older casks that have been de-charred and recharged to give them an extended lifespan.

Like a warm welcome from a wild Hebridean sea – from the inside of the box top.

Distillery: Talisker
Region: Islands
Age: NAS
Strength: 45.8%
Price: $54.98
Location: Carbost
Maturation: refilled and rejuvenated oak casks
Nose: Smoke, brine, pier, beachy, leather
Palate: Brine, clover honey, seawood, beeswax
Finish: Smoke, leather

Comments: Water is not needed, but who are we to prevent you from experimenting? Bonus: Because the Talisker Facebook page posted this review on 07-15-15, this has become Scotchology’s most viewed review (so far). Thanks Talisker!

Adam – This Scotch reminds me of a giant, liquid campfire. There is definite smoke, but it’s not a clean smoke – it has definite character. This is seriously enjoyable to smell if you like smoke or the sea at all. The taste is nicely briny, almost comforting in its oceanic presence. There’s always a fear that this will be too hot, the alcohol too sharp, yet it never materializes. At most, it leaves the inside of your mouth a little tingly. The finish is pleasant and lasts nicely, leaving you feeling like you can breathe a last bit of smoke by the water before reaching for another sip.

Kate – This really tastes like a Russian Caravan tea. The finish is very warm and present, and very reminiscent of where it comes from. I should be wrapped up in a Scottish wool sweater, drinking this next to a bonfire on the beach. It’s very true to its nature, its description and its source. If some whiskies are people, this one is definitely a place.

Meghan – Sometimes you can judge a Scotch by it’s box.  This Talisker can storm my beaches any day. Love the brine!