Ledaig 10 Year

Ledaig 10

The only peated whisky on the isle, the Ledaig was a Gold Medal winner at the 2008 International Wine and Spirits Competition. Does it have what it takes to compete with it’s island brethren?

Distillery: Tobermory
Region: Islands
Age: 10 year
Strength: 46.3%
Price: $49.62
Location: Isle of Mull
Nose: smoked fish, banana, saltwater taffy, iodine, peat eventually
Palate: sweet, balanced heat, peat
Finish: peat, swamp grass

Comments: Try with water or without. Best comment from other review site: Ledaig 10 is what Talisker 10 wishes it could be.

Adam – Very green when opened but flavor profile improves greatly after a few weeks. I wanted to like this a lot, since I’ve had great experiences with other whiskys from Tobermory. This is definitely a Scotch that’s trying to do something different, and it partially succeeds. It has the peat and salt that I associate with the islands, and the injections of sweetness to balance are fascinating to pin down. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to hit all the notes I’d like it to, but the exploration is well worth it.

Kate – Out of all the scotches I’ve tasted, thus far, this is the one with the most brine flavour (at least to me). It makes me think of being on a wooden boat in the middle of the ocean. It has the nose of honey, wood cleaner, and beeswax. It’s moderately peaty and there is a strong iodine finish.

Henry – Surprise peat in the back; the nose can change the longer it sits in your glass, the smoke disappearing and the peat grows.  Seems confused at times.