Arran Sauternes Cask

Arran SauternesSituated on Arran, full of castles and fascinating landmarks like the King’s Cave and the Machrie Moor Stone Circles, this lovely isle once had 30 underground distilleries operating on it. It is very clear they embrace their history and infuse it in their whisky right alongside their water and barley. This penchant is shown in the names of some offerings, which include the Robert Burns, the Machrie Moor, and the Devil’s Punchbowl. They even have a cream liqueur! The Arran Sauternes Cask is distilled for 8 years in regular oak casks, then finished in Sauternes wine casks (Sauternes, in case you ever wondered, is a sweet white wine from Bordeaux). 

Distillery: Arran
Region: Islands
Age: NAS
Strength: 50%
Price: $78.99
Maturation: Sauternes casks
Location: Lochranza
Nose: Sweet, lemon zest, butterscotch, honey, toasted marshmallow, apple cider vinegar, poached apple
Palate: Butterscotch, spice, sweet, applesauce or cider, new wood
Finish: Spice

Comments: Needs a few drops of water to help take the edge off.

Adam – The water definitely helps open the palate and extends the finish, as well as diminishes the alcohol burn. Properly sated, it is warm and buttery, even a little sweet from the cask finish. Something nice to relax with, yet containing just a hint of spice in the finish to remind you of summertime adventures. In fact, it’s a good fall Scotch due to the broad, rich tastes. Comfortable, like good shoes that have been broken in to fit your feet. I may not come to this one very often, but will not be sorry when I do.

Kate – It’s present. 

Meghan – I’m a sucker for a Sauternes cask. You want a bit of water to bring the citrus notes that make a Sauternes cask so unique and for me, delightful. I flip flop between the Arran and the GlenDornach for which one I prefer. Taste them back to back if you can and you’ll taste both similarities from the finishing cask and the nuances between two unique Scotches.