Loch Lomond 12 Year

Loch Lomond 12Named after the iconic Scottish loch it sits next to, Loch Lomond arose over two hundred years ago in 1814. Sadly closed in the mists of history, the distillery was resurrected in 1964 before going quiet again twenty years later. Ever resilient, it began production again in 1993 and has continued ever since under the helm of Master Distiller John Peterson and Master Blender Michael Henry. Loch Lomond is unique in that it regularly produces single malt, single grain and premium blended whiskies due to having three sets of stills. The distillery also has their own cooperage on site, one of four distilleries in Scotland to do so. About 10,000 barrels are repaired or re-charred there each year. A recent push has seen their offerings expand in new markets, especially single malts like this Loch Lomond 12 year.

Distillery: Loch Lomond
Region: Highland
Age: 12 years
Strength: 46%
Price: $74.99
Location: Alexandria
Maturation: Ex-bourbon, refill and re-char
Nose: Brine, smoke, oak
Palate: Burnt orange, ash, caramel, rind, vanilla
Finish: Orange, sweetness, oak

Comments: Water doesn’t change things much, though can take a little of the alcohol edge off.

Adam – This Loch Lomond 12 is an interesting mixture of flavors and smells, ones you might not imagine going together necessarily. That being said, these elements are super interesting and not ones I’ve normally encountered. I love that strong orange coupled with the smoke and oak. The nose is a little too hot but the palate rewards. The nose, palate and finish seem very joined into one sensory experience.

Meghan – Smoke, like the morning after a beach campfire. This tastes like I want my bourbon to taste like. Like scotch. I’m getting the oaky sweetness of bourbon. It tastes like bourbon without the parts of bourbon I don’t like.

Michael – I really enjoy it. The nose and the palate don’t necessarily have a relationship. it is a charred orange with a bitterness seen in a rind. It feels like a good scotch for the beach. If that’s your thing.

Mary-Fred – There’s a blooming sensation in the mouth, though the flavor isn’t floral. It is not as easy or approachable as some whiskies. It blooms without being harsh.

Ben – This is really briny, like when you walk by the lobster tank. I’m split on this one, since I love the taste but the nose doesn’t do good things for me.