Glencadam 15 Year

Founded in 1825, next to Brechin distillery (closed permanently in 1983), Glencadam has changed hands many times over the past almost two hundred years, including the expected halt in production during both World Wars. Angus Dundee (who also owns Tomintoul) is the current owner and the distillery has been in production since 2003, with single malts ranging from 10 to 21 years, with the remaining portions are used in blends such as Ballantine’s. Fed by the Barry Burn, the water is known for being soft. The output of the distillery is relatively low at 1.4 million liters per year. The name “Glencadam” comes from the area known as “The Tenements of Caldhame,” which were grounds given to the town by the crown for food production and located near the distillery.

Distillery: Glencadam
Region: Highland
Age: 15 years
Strength: 46%
Price: $84.99
Location: Brechin
Nose: Vanilla ice cream, caramel, peach, tiramisu, coffee, milk, espresso, lemon, tres leches, citrus, cake
Palate: Grain, cream, clove, licorice, floral, citrus
Finish: Spice, malt, smoke

Comments: This is a very gentle whisky, so water isn’t needed at all.

Adam – I tried this months ago and it didn’t make much of an impression on me. I wonder if now my palate it was too burnt out by the time I reached it. A step or two away from fragile. I can see why some others think it a summer scotch because it is very light and floral and sweet. Like a gentle breeze through the heather among the glens. There’s a rich oil in the mouthfeel that spreads the taste around your mouth and keeps those flavors from disappearing too quickly. Definitely a desert-like quality without getting too sugary or rich. While it does feel light at first, you can feel the layers the more you drink. Yes, the finish stays in your mouth and is overall very satisfying. The floral perfume from the empty glass is refreshing.

Jenny – Vanilla ice cream with caramel topping. I get a light sugary taste followed by a spice that sits in your mouth for a while and lingers there, creating an interesting sensation. It’s a little party in your mouth. A good summer scotch you could sip on your deck in the middle of the day.

Meghan – I really enjoyed this one. Before we even sampled it, I was drawn by the description on the bottle. Now, descriptions can certainly be misleading (cough, Glenmorangie, cough), but it was not the case with the Glencadam 15. This is a scotch that is bright and crisp, like a sunny spring morning. The nose has a wonderful citrusy/peachy aroma with a hint of pastry, like peach cobbler or fresh lemon pie. The citrus follows to the front palate while gaining some sweetness – a bit like a lemon drop. The baked good quality reemerges at the back of the palate along with a touch of spice. For me, it was reminiscent of apple crisp. Then, just to top it all off, hints of smoke with the tiniest whiff of peat float in on the finish. Overall, there is a grassy, herbal, and floral aspect to this whisky with delightful warmth, like the sun breaking through the clouds to shine on new grass and blooming violets on a warm spring morning. This one has almost all of my favorite whisky flavors (no saline, but you can’t get everything) combined in a very drinkable dram. Definitely worth picking up. 

“It’s a little party in your mouth.”

Michael –  Like having a dessert of vanilla bean ice cream and apple crisp. that’s the sensation I get. I get a little spice and then the baked sugar. It’s not one or the other, it has combinations of both. This would make a great late fall or summer dram.

Peter – It’s airy and light, frilly and lacy.

Mary-Fred – Like carrying a parasol in the sun, it is light and full.

Ben – When I taste it, there is a sweetness surrounded by licorice or anise.