Edradour 12 Year “Caledonia”

CaledoniaThis is a limited release Scotch made by Edradour from a cask specifically chosen by Scottish composer Douglas Maclean in 2009 from a selection first distilled in 1997. There’s even a video. His music may sound familiar to some, for his piece “The Gael” was adapted by Trevor Jones for the movie The Last of the Mohicans in 1992. His other famous piece is “Caledonia,” after which this spirit is named. Three cheers to a small distillery like Edradour that can take a highly unique step like this. It definitely won’t be around forever, but a bottling like this deserves enough attention to fill your glass. Now, more importantly, what special qualities did Dougie Maclean taste in this whisky?

Distillery: Edradour
12 years
Strength: 46%
Olorosso sherry casks
Licorice, honey, sawdust, smoke

Palate: Lycee, honey, sweet, spice, smoke, cherry, vanilla, nutmeg, almond
Finish: Honey, spice

CommentsUnwatered, the finish arrives very quickly. Adding water lengthens the palate and smooths the transition into the finish.

Adam – There are some really interesting flavor combinations in this Scotch. More complex than the Edradour 12, I love the warm, deep finish. There are some bittersweet elements that somehow tango with spice without busting a nutmeg. It’s especially curious that a few drops of water doesn’t cut the spice but makes the whole tasting experience more even. I prefer my geography with hills and valleys, not my Scotch.

Kate – Hearkens back to the McCarthy’s. It feels like sitting in my father’s wood working shop.

Meghan – More approachable than the regular Edradour. It has a unique melon flavor in the front palate. A nice spice in the lingering finish. I don’t find anything special about this whisky but nothing bothersome either. It is nowhere as perplexing as it’s forefather. 

Michael – A solid Scotch, something that could be a happy staple in your larder.