Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey

Dead GuyAmerica has always had a certain fascination with whiskey and it has long been a source of curiosity to the right kind of craftsman. Rogue did not start life as a distillery but as a brewery and pub, producing beers of high quality since 1987. There was a focus on using local resources to craft their drinks and to put a high focus on community and a unique offering. Eventually, this love of producing beer branched out to spirits and Rogue now makes vodka, two kinds of rum, two kinds of gin, and a single malt whiskey. Clearly, they have an alcohol problem. Lucky cads. What Scotchology is exploring is a whiskey made using the same malts as their renowned Dead Guy Ale. Will this unholy melding of beer and whiskey turn monstrous or end up becoming something, like all good whiskeys, that is greater than a sum of its parts?

Distillery: Rogue
Region: Foreign
Age: NAS
Strength: 40%
Price: $56.99
Maturation: Oak barrel
Location: Portland
Nose: Apple, rose, caramel, saltwater taffy
Palate: cinnamon, nutmeg, tart apple, lemon, pear
Finish: Bitter, oak


Adam – This is very surprising whiskey that definitely bespeaks where it came from. The sense of apple and related fauna is very dominant, with a mildly bitter taste in the finish that is more surprising after the sweetness of the apple. This is very smooth and gives me hope for the spirit-making process of America. 

Kate – Holy apple, batman! This is like a mulled spiced pear apple wine. I really like this one, and if I”m going to have an American whiskey in my home bar, this is going to be it. I tried it in the summer and got slightly different taste accents, so wonder how it’d go down in other seasons. 

Meghan – A nice change of pace. Wonderfully smooth with an enjoyable fruitiness without being cloying. Nice to have an American whiskey that doesn’t try to be anything else but an enjoyable straight drinking whiskey.